Paulownia Trees

  "A great ethical & clean way to invest into the future"

Paulownia Tree Facts & Introduction

Have you thought about your future already? 

Have you thought how to secure yourself with a stable source of income in the forthcoming years?
Uncertainty on financial markets, volatility in currency exchange rates, bankruptcy of banks or 
even entire countries, pension systems failure are the daemon circulating over our heads. Bank deposits or government bonds yield mean revenue at a very low, comparable with the inflation level. 
They carry in additional risks resulting from greater indebtedness of states and wide lending action by banks, which in the case of economic disturbances on a larger scale can run into payment disability and failure.

What remains then to do?
Individual stock investments? Playing on the commodities or currency markets ? Investing in real estate?
As the last years revealed, it is difficult to ensure for significant incomes here and moreover, the risk of loss of even whole invested capital, is quite likely. Often the stages of investment 
possible remain at a very high level capital involvement, what is the case especially regarding real estate property.
Is there anything that could secure us against the risk of such a loss permanently and offer you the chance of ensuring substantial profits over the next dozen years ? Do you want to build for yourself and for you’re the future with a safe source of revenue? Would you like to achieve the above along with building of a number of values important for all of us such as nature conservation, the creation of new jobs, the development of new community and the establishment of environmentally friendly products. Paulownia Trees is the perfect opportunity to invest your money into.

We present to you such a possibility, which is being alternative investment product. New, ethical and secure way to invest in the future with our timber investment trust.
Paulownia Investment Cycle & Returns Diagram
3 Phase Investment Cycle for Paulownia Trees
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